The area and community you live in has a very significant impact on your future. It has the power to mould you and determine your future. We recognise that the key to creative positive and lasting changes lies within these communities across South Africa and the United Kingdom. 

It is easy to take for granted what you have and that some students don't even have running water in their schools or at their homes.  For any community to thrive and move forward it is important that everyone is supported with the necessary means to excel. 

Many communities in rural and remote areas across South Africa live in poverty and they don't often have the means or resources to support each other. This often leads to a number of health, social and environmental problems.


Through our Future Friend Workshops, we aim to raise awareness in order to empower communities across South Africa and the U.K. on social issues, environmental challenges and the importance of education. 

In most towns, cities and villages across the United Kingdom going to school is the norm. It is part of everyday life and almost unheard of for children not to be in school. Our aim is raise awareness across these towns and villages on how going to schools is such a struggle for communities in poorer areas across the UK and South Africa. 

Finding ways to support and encourage these students to help those less fortunate. 

Getting students to go to school is the easy part, it is keeping them in school, especially girls, which is the real challenge. We need to help the local communities understand just how important it is to keep their children in school.  

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Tyler delivering a Future Friend Talk to a Nursery School

Tyler delivering a Future Friend Talk to a Nursery School