Hamu High Water Tank Project

Water Tank.png

Due to the local water supply not being enough to serve the local community and school, Hamu High relies on Rainwater Catchment Tanks for their drinking water as well as their waste and plumbing.

Most of the tanks aren’t working and those that can hold water have no filtering system or working taps. All of the guttering is either contaminated, or broken which means that most of the water collected is not safe to drink. Instead teachers have to walk long distances back to the village or local river just to collect water and bring it back to the school for the students.

Hamu High School is situated in a rural area in KwaZulu Natal South Africa, with the nearest town, Vryheid, being approximately 50km away. It is responsible for around 320 students from the local area, including the nearest tribal village of KwaNgenetsheni where many of them live. They often walk long distances just to get to school without a meal or a drink of water. The students do not only rely on the school for their education, but also for support and food and water. 

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