Nelson Mandela Day - School Starter Packs

Today marks Nelson Mandela’s 101st Birthday. In honour of his legacy and his commitment to make South Africa and the world a better place for our children, we are launching our School Starter Packs project. With this project, our goal is to raise the necessary funds to give children who need it the most a school starter pack containing everything they need to start school at the same levels as their peers.

Often these children will have hand-me-down school uniforms and school shoes with holes the size of a hand in them. Their winter clothes won’t be warm enough and they will struggle to even have the right pen for a lesson. This adds to unnecessary worry at a time when they should be focusing on learning and being a child.

The Packs will contain school uniforms, school shoes, physical education clothing, stationery, water bottle, lunch box and a backpack to contain everything in. We do not want these children to stand out, instead, we want them to be part of the class and stand out on education merit alone.

Nelson Mandela stated that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Please support this project and help take action against poverty in honour of Madiba by making a donation on our Just Giving page.

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