Matseke Primary School - Welcome to the family

During June and July, The Future Foundation has been spending time on the ground in South Africa looking for schools that need our help. We eventually came across Matseke Primary School. 

Matseke is based in Atteridgeville in Pretoria which is about 45 minutes from Johannesburg Airport. The school is a government-owned school, which means unlike some of the other public schools in South Africa, learners do not need to pay school fees. The learners are provided with school transport that picks them up and takes them to and from the school. Food is also provided by the government. However, the kitchen needs renovating, and kitchen equipment needs updating. 

The majority of the learners at the school come from a nearby informal settlement. The learners home situations differ from one learner to the other, but what has been identified is that some learners are orphans, some come from child-headed families, and some learner’s parents are unemployed which makes it difficult for them to afford their children basic school needs like school uniforms and stationery.

Anathi from The Future Foundation South Africa has spent some time visiting Matseke looking for ways in which we can get involved. Her heart broke when she was there. Children should feel a sense of pride when they wear their school uniform. Looking smart and tidy and feeling like they can achieve anything. How can they feel inspired and ready to take on the world, when the holes in the clothes are as big as an adult hand, or their shoes are coming apart? When there is nowhere for them to sit down and read a book in a safe clean and inspiring environment?  Help we must, and help we will. 

We are excited to work with Matseke and everyone at the school, it is their drive and determination to help the students that are spurring us on to put all our efforts in to make a difference. Look out for the up and coming projects and for ways you can get involved. 

Welcome to the family Matseke Primary School.