Matseke Library Project

Library Matseke.png

If you have bee following us on social media, you will know we have recently launched a new project with Matseke Primary School. We are hoping to renovate their current library, 

The existing library is small, cramped and unkept with no room for children to sit down and read a book. With the Matseke Library project, we are hoping to breath new life into this space, making it somewhere inviting and vibrant. To achieve this will need to paint the walls, rebuild all the bookshelves and put down new flooring. 

We aim to get new furniture that is bright and colorful and the right size for primary school children. Once renovations have been completed the library will be handed back to the learners of Matseke, and they will be tasked with looking after it. By selecting Library Prefects from the older learners, the prefects will help the younger children experience the excitement of having a fully functional library.  We are also hoping to create an outside reading space where we can hold Reading Clubs which is each class having an allocated time slot to enjoy the library. 

The overall cost of the library will be £500 (R9,000). For a full breakdown of what is involved, please get in touch we will be happy to share the information with you. 

We at The International Future Foundation firmly believe that every child deserves to have access to books and space where their imagination can come alive. 

Get involved today by donating to this project. 

£4 will buy a chair for a learner to sit on.
£10 will purchase Prefect Badges for new library team.
£10 will pay for all the decorations including a Clock.
£200 will buy all the painting and building supplies.