We have been very busy the last few months and it is only right that we let you know what we have been doing. 

Having spent most of the Summer in South Africa we have been visiting schools and talking to the local community to find out where we are needed.

With World Toilet Day this Sunday the 19th November, we will be launching our first big fundraising project. We will be raising funds for much-needed Water Tanks at Hamu High School in Vryheid South Africa.  


We have been so overwhelmed with the amount of book donations we have received over the last few months.

Here is Helmon receiving our most recent book donation. These books will be going to Xirhulurhulu Primary down in Limpopo Tzaneen. Look out for Helmons update and photos when he returns from his trip.


We have some very exciting news on the horizon. We have joined forces with a well-respected individual who will be joining our team as an Ambassador. We will be supporting each other projects and work together to promote kindness and healthy eating. Keep an eye out for updates to find out who this person is in the next coming weeks.


We checked back on our Reading Club at Hamu High and it was amazing to see the progress the students have made with reading in English. 

Our partner KYDP ensured that the students received a hot meal while we helped them by giving out books and pens to be used in their up and coming exams. We were touched by the willingness of the students to learn and we look forward to going back. 

With everything we have been doing and things on the horizon we feel inspired to continue to work hard towards helping Learners in South Africa have access to good quality education as well as ensuring the environment they learn in, is safe, clean and somewhere for them to be proud of. 

Future Foundation