During her recent trip Founder, Michelle Boshoff visited Hamu High School with Ke Nako Youth Development Project. The visit was to see the school, meet the teachers and talk to the students about the challenges they were facing. After a long drive through the mountain ranges and valleys, they finally made it to the school to be greeted by the Deputy Head.   

Armed with books and packages preparations started not only to help encourage and inspire them to work hard but also to take part in our recently launched Reading Club at the school.

During the discussion, it became apparent that despite the challenges and disadvantaged background of most of the students most of them were not afraid to dream of better things such as becoming a social worker, nurse, a tv presenter and even a pilot. We were touched by the honesty of one of the girls who said that even though she dreamt of being a Pilot, she did not trust herself or her ability to achieve the grades needed to pursue this career. While talking to her, it became even more clear just how important our work with the school is, offering not only support in rebuilding buildings and providing books but also offering encouragement and guidance. Helping these students believe in themselves and reassuring them with aid and support they can achieve their dreams. 

During our Reading Club, it was incredible to hear how hard the students have been working on their English and showing that our work is paying off. Michelle stated that "It is clear that the students want to learn and want to improve their lives, they just need the support and resource to enable them to do it."

The day was a great success with everyone leaving inspired to keep working hard. The Future Foundation and Ke Nako Youth Development Project are committed to improving the lives of those in rural and township schools across South Africa. 

Future Foundation