With new partners and project on the horizon, we are happy to welcome to the team our new Project Coordinator for Education in the Humanities Department, Johan.  Born in South Africa and having lived and worked in various location across the world, Johan has been a passionate educator since 2009. 

Helping people help themselves has been his main driving force and education philosophy. Over the years, he has worked in England and Spain, but it wasn’t until he went to work at a youth project in the Middle East that he saw the potential to create lasting social and educational change in a country. This prompted his return to South Africa, eager to join forces with other like-minded individuals, determined to drive educational transformation in schools that most need it. 

Johan stated, "I am very excited to work with The Future Foundation as their values and mission is something everyone can believe in." 

Johan has been instrumental in bringing new ideas and energy into the Foundation and his passion and drive for South Africa, and Education will help us to succeed. 

Head of Humanities and Trustee Michelle, explained that 'having someone on the ground in South Africa who understands the culture and its people is essential to drive projects forward. We are excited to see what Johan will bring to the table."

Welcome to The Team.

Future Foundation