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School Starter Packs

Make a Difference in the Community

With our School Starter Pack we aim to give the students the core supplies they need to succeed in the classroom. The packs include everything they will need to help see them through the school year. By supporting this project you are helping a child get the education they deserve. For many education is a privilege and not a right, and we want to change that. Education is a right, not a privilege.

In the Classroom

Book Donations

Expanding Minds with Imagination

By donating books you give people the opportunity to discover for themselves that just one book can change their life. Not only are you spreading the spirit of reading you are helping someone learn something new. By supporting this project you can help inspire and encourage others to see the wider world.

Helping Hands Campaign

Change Starts Here

Working with The Future Foundation South Africa we created a campaign to empower the women of South Africa.

Women are back the backbone f society and don't often get the support they need. The campaign works to give women in South Africa a Helping Hand they desperately need. 

Do you know of any women based in South Africa than need help?


Interested in supporting any of these cause? See what you can do to make a difference in your community.

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