Books & Reading Clubs


Reading is a fundamental pillar in education. It creates a platform to enable you to learn and build a foundation for your future. We give young people the platform to break out of the cycle of poverty through learning to read.


South Africa
Why is it needed?

It is widely reported that in South Africa 8 out of 10 students in Grade 4 still can not read at an appropriate level to enable them to learn and get the most out of their education. 

This is due to the fact that in Grade R to Grade 3 most students are taught in an African Language and then suddenly in Grade 4 they switch to English. They are also held back by the lack of proficiency by teachers and parents. 

In 2017 South Africa was placed last out of 50 countries in the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) which include around 320,000 students globally. 

This problem is something that can be fixed with dedication, resources and support.  Through Book Donations and setting up Reading Clubs in schools we aim to build confidence and skills to enable students to get best out of their education. 

The U.K.
Why is it needed?

It is hard to believe that in a country with a very rich literary history that 1 in 8 adults still lack basic literacy skills. The lack of these basic skills can make day to day life a struggle and have a negative impact on children and adults.

The lack of these basic skills is costing the UK Tax Payer £2.5 billion every year (KPMG, 2009). It has also been reported that a third of businesses are not satisfied with young peoples literacy skills when they enter the work force.

With our Reading Clubs we have found that by nurturing and developing these basic skills not only help improve their employability but makes there day to day life easier. Doing simple things such as filling in forms, reading price tags or newspapers. 

We therefor aim to have Reading Clubs in Schools, Colleges and Communities with the hope of inspiring a new generation to read and write.



Our Reading Clubs offer a variety of programs which includes spending the day with students and teachers to help them with the English language. We also aim to build their confidence in speaking and writing.

Our most recent Reading Club was launched in Hamu High in South Africa and we have seen first hand just how hard these students are working to help themselves. 

With more Reading Clubs coming soon we need more books and resources to help even more students.